Apricot Delight

Apricot oil was appreciated for its positive effects on human health already in ancient China. Its use soon spread throughout the world and now you can experience first hand this miracle in our spa.

Apricot kernels contain a high amount of oil, which has great emollient, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects. At the same time, it nourishes the skin and helps slow down its aging. Apricot oil is also very suitable for sensitive skin, as it does not irritate it – on the contrary, it soothes, softens and smoothes the skin.

Come and treat yourselves to a relaxing apricot bath and a following face-and-cleavage massage with exclusive apricot oil.

90 min / CZK 1670

Beer Ritual

Beer is a unique source of all the B vitamins, trace elements, and minerals that significantly support skin regeneration and increase its resistance to the adverse effects of the outdoors. Brewer’s yeast and hops also belong among the ingredients which clean, calm, and soften the skin.
The combination of a smoothing bath and a massage with exclusive beer oil with the extracts of hops intensifies the profound relaxation and the whole experience. As part of this treatment, you may enjoy unlimited consumption of 12° Purkmistr beer that our attentive staff will also bring to you to the relaxation room where you can rest under blanket and let the bath and the massage take effect on your body.

90 min / CZK 1670

Coconut Caress

Let the scent and virtues of coconut oil transport you to a tropical paradise. The package includes a revitalizing bath full of the pleasant aroma of the tropics, a coconut body wrap, softening the skin, and a relaxing massage intensified by the exotic fragrance. Thanks to the combination of high quality natural ingredients and coconut oil, you may enjoy a truly smoothing and relaxing experience full of invigorating exotic scents.

90 min / CZK 1870

Chocolate Temptation

This exclusive treatment offers quality body and mind care, significantly tones the skin, and prevents it from aging. Our chocolate bath is made from top quality cocoa beans from Ecuador and cocoa butter of exceptional aroma. During the bath, you may enjoy the taste of original, handmade chocolate. Furthermore, your body will be warmed up and scented by warm chocolate spread on your back, and, at the end, you will experience a smoothing, relaxing chocolate butter massage. Apart from an unexpected emotional experience for the body and soul, you will also leave with unusually smooth, fragrant, and deeply regenerated skin.

90 min / CZK 1870

Hop Fantasy

The hop detoxifying bath will surprise you with its excellent sensation of relaxation. This stress-relieving bath helps against insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. It supports digestion, and has cleansing and disinfecting effects. During the bath, the muscles and joints get nicely warmed up, so it is also suitable for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. In order to get more beautiful and smoother skin, you will experience a scrub made of real hops that will nicely cleanse the body and, for a moment, divert your attention from everyday stress. Afterwards you can enjoy a sensation of relaxation and overall peace in our Relax room.

90 min / CZK 1670

Peat as Medicine

Peat is recognized for its extraordinary regenerative and healing effects. During a peat bath, natural minerals are absorbed into the body and, with the help of warm water, improve blood circulation. The bath also relaxes muscles and relieves stress and pain. You will also experience the beneficial effects of peat in the form of a warm wrap that efficiently relieves back and joint pain and relaxes muscle tension. A subsequent massage brings profound level of relaxation; it combines the unique benefits of peat extract and the procedures of a classic spa massage.

90 min / CZK 1770

Rose Velvet

This treatment is well known for its rejuvenating effects. The bath softens, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. It contains honey and whey, whose benefits were known even to Cleopatra. You will also experience a paraffin wrap with the essence of rose that will leave your skin firm and as smooth as velvet, and the scent of rose petals will pamper your body and soul. A rose oil massage will then invoke a pleasant and romantic mood in which you may indulge in deep rest, relaxation and overall peace.

90 min / CZK 1870

Lavender Dreams

The package includes a bath scented with lavender and decorated with dried lavender buds that has smoothing and stress-relieving effects. It reduces anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, headaches, and rheumatic problems. You will enjoy some scented moments during a paraffin wrap. It is a three times filtered, high quality paraffin with the smoothing aromatherapeutic fragrance of lavender. The subsequent lavender oil massage will then bring an unusual relaxation of the strained body and mind, as well as fragrant and lit up skin.

90 min / CZK 1870

Cannabis Relaxation

Cannabis is no longer a matter of shamanic rituals. Today, its healing potential is already known and you can enjoy it to its full at our spa.
The active substance in a cannabis bath is not the widely known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but especially the healing extract of CBD (cannabidiol) in the form of high quality oil and cannabis herb. Your body will be delighted: cannabidiol has versatile positive effects on both the skin and the whole body. It is especially suitable for the treatment of skin disorders, rheumatism. It also relieves pain and is anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it reduces wrinkles, improves nail strength and is an antioxidant agent. Cannabis not only heals; it also enhances your beauty.
After the bath, you can look forward to having a rest and a subsequent back and neck massage with a quality 3.2% CBD cannabis oil that is gently rubbed in by our experienced specialists.

80 min / CZK 1670