100 gCountry liver pâtè with stewed cranberries, bread CZK 105
100 gSmoked salmon tartare with sour cream dressing with dill, toasted Baguette with herb butterCZK 159
100 gMarinated beef with pickled mushrooms, rocket and anchovies sause, breadCZK 145
80 gBaked goat cheese on Waldorf saled with nuts and herb chipsCZK 155

Soups 0,2l

0,2 lBeef consommé with liver dumplings and noodlesCZK 59
0,2 lGoulash soup with beef and potatoesCZK 59

Beer snacks

150gSteak tartar with standard condiments and crispy garlic toastsCZK 239
150gPork headcheese in a patent glass, served with chopped onion and vivegar, GebäckCZK 89
150gSausages roasted on Purkmistr beer with onions and chilli peppers, breadCZK 129
150gFresh fried potato chips (crisps) served with spicy smoked sauseCZK 84
120g“Steak tartar” made of beer cheese, served with crisped baguetteCZK 135

Traditional czech cousine

150gBrewery goulash of beef neck, served with mix of dumplings, onions and ram horn peppersCZK 179
150gBeef in creamy vegetable sauce, served with bread dumplings, stewed cranberries and whipped cream
CZK 189
200gBeef cheek slowly roasted on root vegetables and dark lager, served with mashed potatoesCZK 219
1/2pcCrisp roasted duck, served with stewed red cabbage and potato dumplingsCZK 299
1pcPork knuckle slowly roasted overnight, served with freshly grated horseradish and mustardCZK 329
600g Beef ribs roasted in our BBQ marinade, spicy smoked mayonnaise, breadCZK 319
200gLeg of rabbit with creamy spinach leaves, served with potato latkes CZK 229

Main courses

200 g Grilled pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables and pepper sauceCZK 229
200 g Chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes and mozzarella CZK 189
200 g Fried breaded chicken breast with lemonCZK 169
250 g Thinly sliced flank steak with spicy Chimichurii sause CZK 289
200 g Beef steak with pickled peppercorn sauceCZK 289
200 g Salmon steak with grilled vegetables and roasted sesame seeds CZK 299
200 g Roasted trout fillets with mild creamy sauce topped with fresh DillCZK 219
120g Fried breaded cheese, served with home-style sauce tartarCZK 159
450g Beef steak served with two kinds of sauce (pepper and Chimichurri)
CZK 499

Pasta and salads

300 g Tagliatelle with grilled salmon, spinach leaves and cream sauceCZK 239
250 g Tagliatelle with grilled vegetables, tomatoes and Gran Moravia cheeseCZK 179
300 gSpätzle with pulled duck meat, vegetables and fried onionCZK 189
250 g Caesar salad with grilled chicken meat (100 g), anchovy dressing and croutonsCZK 189
350 g Shopa salad with Balkan cheese and olive oilCZK 129
250 g Vegetable salad with French dressing, roasted pork tenerloin (100g)CZK 179
200 g Beluga lentils with grilled beef (100g)CZK 189

Children’s Menu

100 g Roast chicken breast served with mashed potatoesCZK 95
200 g Potato dumplings with poppy seeds, sugar and butter CZK 59
75 g Creamy root vegetable sauce with bread dumplingsCZK 95
100 g Grilled salmon with fresh herbs and mashed potatoesCZK 159


1 pc Chocolate cake with hot cherries and whipped creamCZK 95
1 pc Tiramisu with almond liqueur, cocoa sprinkledCZK 95
3 pc Gingerbread pancakes with beer jam and whipped cream CZK 55
3 pcPotato dumplings with poppy seeds, sugar and butter CZK 59
3 pc Vanilla ice cream with hot cherriesCZK 89

Side Dishes

200 gBoiled potatoesCZK 35
200 gCrushed potatoes with leek and Viennese onion CZK 39
150 gFrench friesCZK 39
150 gFarmer’s potatoes (unpeeled)CZK 45
200 gMashed potatoesCZK 39
1 pcCrisped baguette with garlic butter and herbsCZK 45
160 gJasmine riceCZK 39
150 gDumplings of the dayCZK 39
150 gStewed red cabbageCZK 35
150 gGrilled vegetablesCZK 49
40 gCold sauces & dressingsCZK 25
50 gPicklesCZK 13
40 gCranberriesCZK 15
40 gMustard, grated horse-radishCZK 10
1 pcWhite/sour dough breadCZK 7
1 pcToasted bread CZK 8

We prepare our dishes and specials using the gentle technology of low-temperature cooking and roasting in order to offer you exceptional culinary experiences when you visit our restaurant. Apart from other, we also use the “sous-vide” method of cooking the ingredients at constant temperatures for longer times (minutes or hours) which allows for a better preservation of the nutrition qualities, vitamins and minerals.

The stated weights are those of raw meats and fish. Dishes containing rare meats or raw eggs are prepared only upon an explicit wish of our guests.

Information about allergens in the dishes is available at your waiter/waitress upon request.
Selected dishes are available in half portions at 70 % of the full price.
The quality of the meals is guaranteed by our master chef, Jan Hanousek.
The quality of the beer is guaranteed by our brewers, Eva Straková, ing. Josef Krýsl and Petr Krýsl.
You are welcome to pay using the following cards: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, JBC, Diners Club.


Beer Purkmistr

0,5 lPale lager 12%CZK 48
0,3 lPale lager 12%CZK 38
0,5 lDark lager 12%CZK 48
0,3 lDark lager 12%CZK 38
0,5 lSemi-dark lager 12%CZK 48
0,3 lSemi-dark lager 12%CZK 38
0,5 lWheat beer Písař® 12%CZK 48
0,3 lWheat beer Písař® 12%CZK 38
0,4 lBeer specials of the dayCZK 55
0,4 lTHE NINTH TAP – THE “X” ONE - The ninth tap presents our own as well as ‘visiting’ beers CZK 59
0,5 lFlavoured beer CZK 50
0,3 lFlavoured beer CZK 40
0,5 lBeer mix CZK 48
0,3 lBeer mix CZK 38

Pale lager, 12% – A classic Pilsener-type pale lager brewed from the best malts.

Dark lager, 12% – Brewed from four malts, this beer bears
a coffee-like flavour blending with palates of the genuine Belgian chocolate.

Semi-dark lager, 12% – A lager brewed from three types
of malt. Its caramel aroma blends with herb tones of the Žatec (Saaz) region hops.

Wheat beer, 12% – A top fermented wheat beer, typical
with its fruity element which gives great refreshment, especially in summertime.

You can try our beers also using our tester set consisting of 6 samples of various beers. Order six 0.1 l glasses with your choice of beers for 120 CZK.

Alcohol free beer

0,3 lLobkowiczCZK 38
0,5 lLobkowiczCZK 48

Alcohol free drinks

0,5 lWater of Černice with lemon sparkling / soft sparkling / still waterCZK 30
0,3 lPurkmistr´s lemonadeCZK 42
0,33 lMattoni Grand soft sparkling / still waterCZK 36
0,25 lPepsiCZK 42
0,25 lPepsi lightCZK 42
0,25 lMirindaCZK 42
0,25 l7UPCZK 42
0,25 lSchweppes - Indian Tonic / Ginger AleCZK 42
0,25 lIce Tea Lipton (Peach, Lemon, Green)CZK 42
0,25 lToma juice (orange, multivitamin, apple, pear, black currant, strawberry) CZK 42
1 pcEnergy drinkCZK 65

Hot beverages

7gTurkish coffeeCZK 42
7g EspressoCZK 47
7gCappucinnoCZK 57
7g Latté macchiatoCZK 57
7gCafe VienneseCZK 57
7gCafe AlgerienneCZK 65
7gCafe IrishCZK 75
0,2 lMulled wine – redCZK 45
1 pcTea with lemonCZK 45
0,2 lGrogCZK 45


0,1 lCinzano BiancoCZK 60
0,1 lCinzano RossoCZK 60
0,1 lCinzano Extra DryCZK 60
0,05 lCampari BitterCZK 70
0,05 lPorto RubyCZK 70
0,15 lLambrusco RossoCZK 49
0,15 lLambrusco BiancoCZK 49
0,15 lProseccoCZK 59

Our beer liquors and liqueurs

0,04 lVelbloudice ® CZK 49
0,04 lLázeňák ® CZK 49
0,04 lLovečák ® CZK 49

VELBLOUDICE® 38% is made using the unique technology of vacuum membrane distillation of beer. It carries the smell of malt and has a gentle aftertaste.
LÁZEŇÁK® 30% is made from beer liquor using a unique technology. Its soft smell after herbs reminds you of a freshly mown meadow.
LOVEČÁK® 30% is aherbal liqueur containing bitter alpine herbs. It is made from a fragrant beer liquor using the unique technology of vacuum distillation.

Spirits / Hard liquors

0,04 lVodka FinlandiaCZK 55
0,04 lVodka Russian StandardCZK 65
0,04 lPlum BrandyCZK 65
0,04 lPear BrandyCZK 65
0,04 lSouth Bank GinCZK 55
0,04 lBombay Sapphire GinCZK 80
0,04 lTequila SilverCZK 55
0,04 lTequila GoldCZK 55
0,04 lTuzemák (Czech spirit resembling rum)CZK 40
0,04 lCaptain Morgan Spiced RumCZK 55
0,04 lBožkov Republica ExclusiveCZK 65
0,04 lLegendario Elixír 7YCZK 75
0,04 lPampero AniversarioCZK 80
0,04 lRon Barcelo Imperial 8YCZK 85
0,04 lDiplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 12CZK 125
0,04 lZacapa Centenario 23YCZK 155
0,04 lAbsinth Petit Frere Pure CZK 130
0,04 lAbsinth Beetle CZK 180

Whisky, whiskey and bourbon

0,04 lBallantinesCZK 60
0,04 lJohnie WalkerCZK 60
0,04 lJohnie Walker Black LabelCZK 100
0,04 lChivas RegalCZK 120
0,04 lJamesonCZK 60
0,04 lTullamore DewCZK 60
0,04 lTullamore Dew 12YCZK 100
0,04 lJack Daniel'sCZK 70
0,04 lJim BeamCZK 60


0,04 lBecherovkaCZK 55
0,04 lFernet StockCZK 45
0,04 lFernet Stock CitrusCZK 45
0,04 lJägermeister CZK 60
0,04 lBaileysCZK 55
0,04 lGriotteCZK 40
0,04 lPeprmintCZK 40
0,04 lEgg LiqueurCZK 30
0,04 lAmundsen Green Apple / StrawberryCZK 45

Cognac, Brandy

0,04 lRémy Martin V.S.O.P. CZK 125
0,04 lMetaxa***** CZK 55

You are welcome to pay using the following cards: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, JBC, Diners Club.

Dear guests,
As we really appreciate your opinions and believe they may contribute to our effort to provide the best quality services, you are kindly requested to approach LUKR CZ a.s. management at to share your opinions, suggestions and comments with us.

Should you not receive a valid receipt (in printed form) stating the entire amount to be paid, please do not pay – in such a case, your order will be put on the house as an apology.