Massages and body wraps are tried and tested traditional treatments. Using pressure and heat on the superficial tissues of the human body can achieve combined healing, relaxation and stimulating effects.

Peat body wrap – A traditional spa treatment using the proven effects of heat. Peat body wraps are excellent for treating back and joint pain; the muscles and fibrous tissues are deeply warmed and relaxed, which dramatically increases the effect of the massage. The body wrap lasts 20 minutes.

290 CZK

Chocolate body wrap – Pure cocoa powder with almond oil is used for the chocolate body wrap. Cocoa has a high antioxidant, mineral and vitamin content. The positive and calming effect of the body wrap enhances the effects of previous or subsequent treatments. The body wrap lasts 20 minutes.

390 CZK

Paraffin lavender body wrap – Immerse yourself in the relaxing aroma of a lavender field. Paraffin deeply hydrates and provides instant relief. It can relieve inflamed joint pain, for example. Paraffin is very soft, gentle and non-greasy, and is applied to the back or arms. The body wrap lasts 20 minutes..

450 CZK

Beer peeling with real malt – Beer peeling with real malt removes dead cells and dead skin. Afterwards, the skin is soft, elastic and nourished, thanks to the high vitamin and mineral content. The body wrap lasts 30 minutes.

890 CZK